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“Physiotherapy treatment that is driven by results. Treatments that exceed your expectations by getting to the root cause of your pain and personalising your therapy for effective recovery in the shortest time. This is our passion…”



Excel Physiotherapy is a practice of qualified, licensed and insured Chartered Physiotherapists - providing services to people of all ages and lifestyles in Ennis, throughout Clare as well as in Limerick and Galway. We offer Massage, Manual Therapy, Dry Needling, Pilates, Orthotics and Sports Injury Training as well as training programmes for allied health professionals.

Since 2010 we have had one simple aim: to be the preferred, most trusted and respected physiotherapist practice in Clare. Through personalised assessment, hands-on treatment and bespoke rehabilitation, we are committed to helping you return to good health, without pain – and in the shortest possible time. It’s about getting you and your life back on track – and it’s what we love to do every day.

We are University-Trained Chartered Physiotherapists.

Each therapist within our team has been medically-trained at university and is a Chartered Physiotherapist professional. This means they have attained the highest level in clinical care: each one has extensive post-graduate experience and qualifications so you can be fully confident of the treatment and advice you receive.

Our practice is registered with the regulatory body CORU – The Health and Social Care Professionals Council.


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 To book an introduction Pilates class please call the clinic on 065 686 4000

What Makes Excel Physiotherapy Different?

  • The way we work, our practice principles and professional approach sets us apart…

  • We're Interested and We Care

    We want to know your story and we’re great listeners. We take the time to understand your injury, your challenges and your lifestyle. We think bigger and work harder to get to the underlying reason for your pain, so that we can treat the cause and not just the symptoms. And no pain is too minimal for treatment – if it’s holding you back from health, we believe it needs our care.

  • We Give You Time

    Unlike many physiotherapists, we allow a FULL HOUR per treatment, and this time is totally dedicated to YOU alone. We do not book multiple sessions for the same time-slot – we are fully-present, giving our undivided attention throughout and ensuring you enjoy maximum value from every session.

  • We Practise Evidence-Based Treatment

    To get you back to a stronger, pain-free life, injury-free – we practise physiotherapy that is backed by evidence and proven science. This favours hands-on treatment rather than the extensive use of machines.

  • We Work for Results

    It sounds obvious, but we work to discharge you as soon as possible. Unlike many therapies which offer prolonged sessions over weeks and months, we aim to diagnose your problem, progress you through treatment and discharge you pain free without delay. We get you to the point where you can manage your condition yourself, through exercises, but are always here to provide support should you need it. We can say with confidence – you will feel better.

  • We Keep Getting Better

    All physiotherapists at Excel are passionate about continued professional development and constantly upskill to bring you the latest in treatment techniques.

  • We Collaborate

    Each of our physiotherapists is a specialist in a different area of practice – collaborating with each other on patients’ needs when necessary. This means you have access to the shared knowledge of the whole team.

  • We Build Relationships

    Over the years we have built trusted ties and firm relationships with local and national general practitioners, consultants and surgeons. We also have strong links with various local sports clubs and organisations: we have provided physiotherapy services to the Clare county football teams since 2009.

  • We’re Flexible

    We arrange appointment times to suit your day: we have flexible working hours from Monday to Saturday.


Our Story

Excel Physiotherapy was established by Ennis native and Chartered Physiotherapist in 2010. Sean specialises in hands-on Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and is passionate about providing an uncompromising level of patient-centric care based on completely individual needs.

Today, the practice has 7 full-time Chartered Physiotherapists and offers a relaxed and quiet environment in a calm space. We are located on Kildysart Road on the outskirts of Ennis in County Clare – conveniently close to the Ennis bypass.

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