Improve Fitness, Mobility and Posture...

At Excel we recommend Pilates as a valuable complement to Physiotherapy treatment – a form of exercise that can be enjoyed by anyone while working to meet your specific needs.

  • It’s for YOU

    Whatever your challenges, or simply to support your general fitness, our Pilates classes will introduce you to a world of benefits. Whether you have low back pain, require sports injury rehabilitation or prevention, or need pre- or post-natal exercise – talk to us today. You will also enjoy a free introductory class before you begin your programme.

  • It’s Physio-Led

    All our Pilates classes are led by our qualified Physiotherapists.

  • It’s Benefit-Rich

    You can use Pilates to build core strength, improve the flexibility of soft-tissue, improve muscle endurance and contribute to your overall fitness.

  • It’s Specialised

    Get fit, tone up, become stronger. We teach Reformer Pilates – a specialised form of the exercise regime that sees you perform your Pilates exercises on a specifically-designed machine. With springs and pulleys, the Reformer machine has three main parts to regulate tension and resistance and help you activate the correct core muscles. To challenge stabilising muscles, you perform your exercises in kneeing, standing and lying positions. Reformer Pilates is designed to give you a full body workout – improving overall wellbeing, strengthening the abdomen, lower back, hips, and buttocks.

  • It’s a Click Away

    We know you’re busy and life can change daily. So, to help you arrange your Pilates classes around your schedules, we’ve developed a special Excel Pilates App. You can make and change your sessions as you please – just Click, Book and Enjoy!

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 To book an introduction Pilates class please call the clinic on 065 686 4000

  • Our Pilates Classes Can Help You…

    • Increase your flexibility.
    • Build long, strong, toned muscles that work as they should.
    • Strengthen your deep muscles of the back, abdomen, and pelvic floor – to support your back and aid movement.
    • Improve your posture.
    • Increase your energy.
    • Promote weight loss.
    • Increase your mind/body connection as you learn to centre, control and breath properly.

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